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    I would like to personally thank you for visiting Impact Girls and making this site a website home for a few moments during the course of your busy day. I delightfully hope that Impact Girls inspires you to contact us and join the ranks of community leaders, volunteers, educators, and parents who have become Friends of Impact Girls.
    Dr. Angela Seals
    Founder and Executive Director

Impact Girls Incorporated, is an early-intervention program that advocates for and empowers girls to become capable, confident, and courageous until they see a colorful world of endless possibilities. Impact Girls, Inc.  is an established non-profit organization created and designed to empower girls ages 6-11 to pursue their dreams while cultivating a generation of leaders. We believe that girls have the right to discover who they are, to appreciate who they are, to express themselves with excitement, individuality, and uniqueness, to take positive risks, to have confidence, to accept their bodies, to resist media and negative gender stereotypes, to feel great about personal success, to be safe in their communities and in the world, and be prepared to engage in fruitful careers and financial independence.

The very core of Impact Girls, Inc. is to inspire girls to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices, to strive for academic excellence, to deal appropriately with conflicts in school and at home, and to change the world in active and constructive ways. It is our aim to vibrantly prepare girls to be productive citizens by building their capacity as responsible adults.

Impact Girls Incorporated believes that it is our responsibility to provide a healthy and positive environment where girls can appreciate being girls by providing enriching programs that nurture and develop their aptitude for personal achievement, academic excellence, and confident adulthood.

Impact Girls. Inc.  invites you to check our site for ongoing updates, news and events.                                   

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